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Alkaline food Box

Alkaline food Box

Product Information

A complete selection of pure alkaline foods of sancks and meals includes:

2 Packets of quinoa snack

1 Loaf Pumpkin seed bread

1 Packet spelt penne pasta

1 Packet spelt fusilli pasta

1 Organic tahini

1 500ml Pumpkin oil

1 Packet sundried tomatoes 

1 Tub naked seed mix (pink tub)

2 Packets small seed mix (purple wrapper)

1 Lemon grass marinade 250ml

1 Spelt puffs packet

1 Essential muesli bag

2 Packets lemon raisins

1 Trek peanut & oat bar

1 Nakd apple pie bar

1 packet sushi nori seaweed sheet

1 Packet sushi flakes

2 Boxes Kallo grains seed corn cake

1 Packet soba noodles

1 packet olives

1 Almond hazel nut butter

1 bag of spelt flour

Price: 110.00

Product Code: ALK934
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