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Sushi Nori Roasted Seaweed sheets 6x17g

Sushi Nori Roasted  Seaweed sheets 6x17g

Product Information

Sushi Nori Roasted seaweed sheets  7  full size sheets in 1 packet  you get  6 individual packets .

Once you have opened keep in resalable package that it comes in a put in the refrigerator and use within a month.







Low in calories and rich in minerals

Nutritional information;




 (per 100g Energy 151k/365kcal, Protein 40.9g Carbohydrates 43.6g, Fat 2.0g (per2.5g sheet) Energy 38kj/9kcal Protein 1.92g Carbohydrate 1.09g Fat 0.05g.







Idea for people on an alkaline health programme or healthy eating plan;  Sushi Nori roasted seaweed is a good a health alternative to bread or crackers use as a wrap to fill quinoa, brown rice millet as well as  vegetable Avocado, green or Red pepper cucumber Asparagus Lettuce as fillings.







Ready to use Sauchi Nori roasted seaweed grows naturally or is cultivated in Japanese waters in a tradition going back thousands of years.  Only the choicest quality is harvested.  Sea vegetables are as commonly used in Japanese cooking as garden vegetable.








Price: 18.50

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