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Backchamp portable back machine

Backchamp portable  back machine

Product Information

What is the Backchamp?   

The Backchamp is a brilliantly simple device that empowers you to correct your pelvis and stop your back pain and other associated symptoms.  It’s new, highly effective, affordable and safe.

How does the Backchamp worK?

The root cause of most back pain is an unstable and misaligned pelvis.  Using the Backchamp returns the pelvis to its natural, healthy and horizontal state-however the pelvis is distorted.  Re-aligning the foundation of the spine- the pelvis-is essential if the rest of the spine and skeletal frame is to enjoy healthy alignment.

The Backchamp is new that empowers you to correct your pelvis and stop your back pain and other associated symptoms such as sciatica, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, tingling and pins and needles.  

The Backchamp system uses a highly effective and long-established technique to realign the pelvis and correct leg length discrepancy’ Physiotherapists recognize it as variation of a ‘muscle energy technique’ that is routinely used in treatment.

Brilliantly simple, it’s the results of a decade of research and development, and it really works.  Its changing lives

Product feature

Made from beautiful solid Beechwood, harvested from sustainable forest and oiled by hand.










  • The flaps are padded with thick silicone for maximum comfort.


  • Laminated Instructions for use complete with photographic illustrations.


  • The Backchamp also comes with a great shoulder bag with lots of room to carry anything else you wish.
Safe and affordable it takes just seconds to use adn complemets all other therapies.







































Price: 79.99

Product Code: X27
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