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Backlife CPM personal Back machine for ues in your own home

Backlife CPM personal Back machine for ues in your own home

Product Information

Your new BackLife comes with a full one year manufacture's warranty, full user manual and instruction  video and it is very simple to use.   You lie  on your back with your pelvis just about touching the BackLife and press the start button on the side.  Your BackLife then runs through a 12 minute session that relaxes your back.  We recommend you sue your new BackLife a least twice a day.  

What is CPM?




If you ever been to any kind of back pain therapist you will almost certainly have had a CPM.  Continuous Passive Movement (CPM) for your back is when your physiotherapist gently rotates your pelvis by putting their arm under your knees while you lie on your back.  This gentle rotation has a number of benefits.







CPM gently contracts and extends the spine which helps relieve pressure on the vertebrae and discs.







Often back pain is made worse by your back muscles tensing up around a damaged area.  CPM relaxes the muscles that attach to your spine.







CPM encourages blood flow and lymph drainage to your lower back.  Increased blood flow means faster repair and increased lymph drainage means toxins and drained faster.







So CPM not only relaxes your back and relieves back pain but also promotes a faster repair of affected areas.  BackLife is a CPM machine for your back you can use in your own home.  And it is the only one available in the World.





Can anyone with problems use Backlife?

BackLife is a safe device which has been approved by many top orthopaedic specialists andis registered with the Federal Drug Administration in the USA .  However there are certain cases where we recommend you consult your doctor first before using Backlife.

These are:







If  you have had back surgery, including spinal fusion, in the last year or thighsurgery in the last six months.

If you suffer from Listesis, spinal dis-alignment from Grade 2 and above.

If you have pressure on your spine with the following symptoms: poor balance, urinating problems, and numbness in both legs.

If you are pregnant.






Backlife has devised by medical experts and rigorously tested and proved to relieve backpain and is registered with the FDA all to ensure you get the best results possible. Backlife has an immense array of stunning features for your comfort as seen below:






¨     Backlife is adjustable making it suitable for any size person

¨     Backlife has an attractive lightweight frame that you can take with you anywhere

       Backlife performs gentle circular motion on the vertebrae and pelvic area levelling the hip arch improving posture.








    Has only one switch to operate making it easy and simple to use.



     Small and compact giving you easy storage options

















     Smooth plastic easy clean no maintenance.

































Return to top flight strenuous sports activity once again with CPM!

















Continuous Passive Movement helps strengthen the lower vertebrae over time and this allows you greater mobility than ever. The ultimate back posture support.









































The World-renown horseman whose pain “disappeared” in two weeks

















David Pincus is an International Grand Prix dressage rider.  He says, “in my occupation my back gets constant stress, strain and concussion which used to give me lower back pain and stiffness”









“Until recently even trotting was painful and assuming a forward position for jumping impossible.  I had tried all the traditional therapies with little effect.  I came across the BackLife machine and gave it a go.  After two weeks’ of treatment all pain disappeared and my lower back regained the suppleness of years gone by.  I know it sound too good to be true, but it really is true”.










































Spend lots of time on your feet or sitting if your job demands it without fear of the ‘BACK-ATTACK’

















Imagine with only 12 minutes usage per day you can virtually guarantee pain-free time at work

















Top model, whose career was on the line due to Sciatica, can do 50% more work than she cold before









25-year old London model, Ava Suzuki, has been suffering from symptoms of Sciatica for as long as she has been a model.  Her low back pain has been caused by the rigours of her job; standing or sitting for long hours in awkward position that do not support healthy posture and from wearing fashion accessories which are not ‘back friendly’.  She says:









“Modelling is a very unglamorous job with pitfalls which would be enough to put most people in traction for a week.  A high percentage of female models suffer from low back pain”.









To make her problems worse, Ava was involved in a care accident 4 years ago, which damaged to her spinal disc and put her off work for a year.  Her return to work had been slow ant tedious.  That is until this year when she discovered Backlife:









“After 3 weeks of using the Backlife, spending two 12 minute sessions each day I found that my Sciatica pains had reduced significantly.  I can now work long hours and it has helped me get my career back on track.  In September I took an assignment I Japan.  Despite the long flight and arduous schedule, I was able to









Work freely without nearly as much discomfort as before-I put this one purely to my session with Backlife”.

























Be certain of your recovery because of rigorous testing and endorsements by top medical professionals

















Relax with the knowledge that BackLife has undergone stringent testing and clinical trials emerging the front runner in back care.  It is and will continue to be the only home or wherever personal backpain therapist!!

















Price: 199.00

Product Code: BACK27
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