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See my Cells - Nutritional Microscopy
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What is Nutritional Microscopy?

Nutritional Microscopy looks at the quality and condition of the cells, where standard laboratory blood tests are generally quantitative (ie: How many cells are there?) Standard laboratory are often used in conjunction with Nutritional Microscopy because there is value in knowing both the quantity and quality y of your cells.

Question: How should I prepare for my blood test session

Yous should not eat any food or drink any drinks 2 hours before your session.  In the 2 hours before your session you MUST only  drink water (at least 1 litre)

Who developed the live blood techniques?
Viewing live blood under a microscope I probably as ole as the microscope itself. But it was the work of European scientists Dr. Antoine Bechamp and Dr Gunther Enderlein in the mid-19th and early 20th centuries that would advance the use of the microscope. Other Microscopist such as: Dr Claude Bernard, who coined the term “internal Milieu” Germ theory advocate, Louis Pasteur; Californian, Dr Virginia Livingston Wheeler; and Canadian scientist, Gaston Naessens.

How can nutritional microscopy benefit me?
Nutritional microscopy provides an insightful view of the biological terrain and is an alternative medical examination routinely utilized by holistic, osteopathic, chiropractic and naturopathic physicians as well as other health care professionals around the world. The Microscopist and client together view the characteristics of the client’s blood on a video screen.

This information can assist you by:

•    Showing patterns of disorganization and correlation those pattern to potential health challenges in the body in the body.

•    Showing form and function of red/white blood cells and plasma

•    Monitoring your specific condition; before and after any health program/regiment thereby taking the guesswork out of determining diet effectiveness and the selection of appropriate foods and drinks.

•    Gives an early warning of possible upcoming health challenges and therefore time to take action.

•    Can help practitioner faster to arrive at a diagnosis.

•    Can be used to maintain “Wellness” and avoid “Sickness”.

    Can be used to maintain “Wellness” and avoid Sickness”.

•    Can be used as “Preventative” Medicine to avoid degenerative disease associated with ageing.

What does the typical appointment involve?
There is a short form to fill out then the microscopist will explain what he is going to do step by step. Then a quick finger prick, the slides are prepared. Then the microscopist then displays what he sees under the microscope on a video screen for you to see to then educate you about your internal terrain given nutritional advice at the latter end of your session.

What phenomenon can be observed?
•    Relative level of acidity in the body fluid and the effects these acid have on the body.
•    Relative activity of the immune system and condition; of the Red Blood Cells.
•    General organ “stress”
•    Presence of parasites, bacteria, yeast fungus, and mold
•    Blood sugar imbalances
•    Malabsorption of fat, proteins and other nutrients
•    Crystalline forms of morbid matter, acids, cholesterol, and mycotoxins
•    Degenerative stress and gastrointestinal tract dysfunction.

How much does it cost?
The cost is £195  this is for 1hour 30 minutes  maxiumum time 120 minutes  for your Live and dried blood analysis plus nutritional guide lines on what food to eat to gain healthy blood cells to take away with you with  a  full written report burnt to CD given to take away with you on the day.

Why do I want a microscopist trained by Dr Robert O Young?
A microscopist trained by Dr. Young has the unique perspective of viewing blood while using the New Biology to explain what
he is viewing. This perspective will lead you to a determination and understanding of why you are in the state of health you currently are. Microscopist trained by Dr Young all view blood utilizing the same methods and with the same scientific knowledge given to them by Dr Young thus creating a standard of practice. A microscopist who has nutritional  and health experience  and who is seen to be doing the programme themselves looking healthly and fit.

How does it help my clients/patients?
It provides immediate visual feedback and stimulates the enthusiasm to participate in the process of recovery and maintenance of health. Through Live Blood Microscopy patients develop greater understanding of the functioning of the body, the importance of healthy diet and lifestyle choices, and the value of your treatment and supplements.

Why is it useful for therapists and doctors?
Helps them to faster come to a diagnose and helps in treatment strategies
Patient education Patient Compliance Word of Mouth Referral Additional Revenue Stream


The Nutritional Microscopist cannot make any specific claims. The information provided is intended for informational and educational purposes only.

If you use this information without the approval of a health professional, you prescribe for yourself, which remains your constitutional right, but the Nutritional Microscopist assumes no reasonability.

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