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Microscopy in the Media

Errol Denton live blood Cell Microscopist articles in the uk Media

Pride  magazine celebrating the woman of colour  (issue August 2007 page 108)

Black  Hair & Beauty  for the Beauty conscious Women (isuues Feb page 95

"Errol told me my symptoms before I told him anything, giving the whole live blood testing creditbility"

"Live blood analyis is a unique way of observing what is happening inside a person's body and serves as an early warning system.

Black Beauty & Hair for the Beauty Conscious Black Women (issue June/July 2007 page 76)

"it a diagnostic tool that serves as an early warning, enabling you to take preventative action., Errol clients range from healthy people wheo want to stay healthy to people with low enegry,arthritis, cancer diabetes, digestive problems,eczema, hormonal imbalances and obesity"

 Work out  The UK No 1 fitness Industry magazine (isssue 163  April 2007) by Mary feguson

"Nutritional Microscopy will increase in UK . Nutritional Microscopy -a method of examining blood to assses fitness-is set to increase in popularity in the UK according to an expert Errol Denton, a certified nutritonal microscopist."

Spa World Magazine

A revolutionary new blood test which analyzing live blood cells claims to improve health and promote weight loss

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The  Voice Newspaper 
"Many diseases can be detected early if you study your blood" says expert Errol Denton  (19th June 2006)

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The Wharf Newspaper

"Looking in vein may have all the answers"  Errol Denton says he can help people improve their health by studying a single drop of their blood under a microscope. (8th June 2006)

The Yellow Advertiser

My Week
What  does your job involve? LOOKING at live blood cells under a microscope. I take the samples of blood from people using a lancet.  I then magnify it 20,000 times , which is put on a video screen via camera.
(13th April 2006)


Just some of the many quotes from the British Media re live blood analysis


"Just a prick of blood and you can find out all you ever wanted to know about your health in a blood drop"
London's Metro Newspaper

"People love it! Armed with their new knowledge people gain clarity and are much more willing to keep going with their health programmes"
Complementary Alternative Medicine Journal

"Feeling consistently sluggish? A quick and easy finger prick test could help pinpoint the cause – This sort of screening is increasingly being seen as part of a cost effective approach to fully integrated medical care"
The Sunday Times

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