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Samson Matstone 6 in one Juicer

Samson Matstone 6 in one Juicer

Product Information
THE SAMSON ULTRA HAS MANY FEATURES! (10 Year Gurantee) & Free Book!

- Easy To Clean
The SAMSON ULTRA juice extractor is easy to clean and to carry.

- Magnetic And Bio-Ceramic Technology
The SAMSON ULTRA juice extractor uses powerful magnets and bio-ceramic materials in its Juice Bowl and Twin Gears.

This produces fresh juice which can be stored for longer periods.

- Twin Gears Do Not Touch Each Other
The twin metal gears do not touch each other which prevents any possibility of metal scraps caused by friction to get into the juice or pulp.

- Automatic Pulp Ejection
Two adjustable pulp inlet caps permit high levels of juice extraction from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

- Multi-Purpose Functions
Vegetables and various grains can be easily ground.
Using multi-purpose parts (optional), it can make a variety of pastas and noodles, as well as clean juice.

- Low Noise, High Quality Juicing
The low speed rotation (160 rpm) of the unique, powerful, twin gear impeller and pressing system generates virtually no heat that would cause denature to the juice.
Fruits and vegetables are thoroughly crushed, getting more juices out of  vegetables and fruit than the traditional juicers rather than cutting and shredding them into small pieces.

- Automatic Overheating Thermostat
The automatic motor thermostat prevents the motor from overheating.


Samson 6 in one Multipurpose Juicer

The Samson Muti-purpose Juicer Extractor minimizes the destruction of nutrients, and preserves the whole natural nutrients. Samson juicer has an optimal extraction capability from all types of fruits and vegetables.  Secondly, it has a simple structure and easy to assemble/dissemble/cleanup. Finally it has the design to prevent outflow of heavy metal particles, and guarantees safety and sanitation.  

The Samson Multipurpose  Juicer  Extractor is patented has more than 6 function such as extracting vegetable and fruits making noodles and pasta, grinding coffee beans, fish and meat, mincing seasoning,   extracting oil from sesame seeds, flax seeds etc it is well suited as one of kitchen appliances necessary for a healthy daily life

Antibacterial bio-machine with a traditional millstone-type auger

Vegetable juice

You can squeeze a wide variety of vegetables such as carrot, spinach wheatgrass kale, cucumber, et

Fruit Juice    

 The low speed rotation will help you enjoy all types of fresh juices while preserving their pure nutrients and flavours



Mincing Seasonings

Put basic seasoning such as green onions, garlic’s, ginners into this machine You’ll get pure nutritious sauces.

Making Noodles/Pasta

You can enjoy nutritious noodle and pasta by kneading flour with vegetable juice or carrot juice. 

 Making Rice Cake and Stir-Fried Rice Cake

You can make glutinous rice cake, cakes mad of Artemisia past, and stir-fried rice cake popular for children by grinding cooked rice at home.  Rice powder or beans can be used as ingredients.























































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