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OGO Oxygen canisters

OGO Oxygen canisters

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The quality of oxygen we breathe is ever decreasing in quality and purity.  Since only 18% of the polluted air we breathe is actually oxygen why not try our 95% purified oxygen in a can!

OGO Oxygen is ideal for use when breathless, low in energy or where atmospheric oxygen levels are low and pollution levels are high.  It may also enhance endurance and ease recovery from mental and physical stress.











Each canister contains 6 liters of which 95% I pure premium oxygen and is made from environment friendly recyclable aluminum and plastic.  The pure oxygen inside each canister is blended with essential oils as it leaves the canister and is available in 3 refreshing aromas original peppermint, eucalyptus and yuz-lemon.











Why use OG0 oxygen?






A primarily man-made gas, carbon monoxide is far more prevalent in our atmosphere today it was before industrialization, carbon monoxide has a 200 times greater affinity for hemoglobin than doe oxygen, so when it is breathed in, the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood decreases.











When is it best to use an OGO Oxygen canister?






Oxygen is one of the life’s most vital elements, the single most important nutrient to be taken into the body.  We need oxygen to create energy, digest food metabolism and to clean and detoxify.  User of oxygen during physical workouts finds that it can help feed the metabolism and increase blood flow to muscles.  Use OGO Oxygen during exercise to get the most from your body.











Use OGO early in the morning to awaken your sense, during meetings to help you stay alert, before and during physical exercise to aid recovery and improve your capacity.






Some air passages use oxygen before and after and long-haul flights as they find it helps to combat the effect of fatigue and jet-lag.  Use OGO Oxygen while traveling to help provide relief from feeling of congestion and tiredness.











Many people that have suffered from a hangover have discovered that oxygen can help to relieve the effects of the night before by clearing the mind and the body of the fussiness associated with an over-indulgence in alcohol.  Use OGO after a night out a an antidote to overdoing things.











How long will an OGO Oxygen canister last?






The canister contains 6 liters, which translates into approximately 2 minutes of continuous inhalation or up to 30 gulps.











Consume OGO Oxygen regularly and feel more alive.






Dimension (per canister) Height 178 mm, 66mm weight 100grams

Price: 24.00

Product Code: OGOG18
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