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Aquarius/ Orion Alphion

Aquarius/ Orion Alphion

Product Information

Jupiter Science - the world's leaders in alkaline ionization,
offer you their latest models - the Aquarius and Orion

Jupiter Science - the world's leaders in alkaline ionization, offer you their latest models - the Aquarius and Orion.

Last year there were more Jupiter ionizers sold in the USA than by all other companies combined!
With a great value price, super reliability, new Biostone filter, fully automated features, 9 levels of pH, strongest ORP and two year warranty, Jupiter has been the preferred choice for the USA and for such authorities as Sang Whang (author of Reverse Aging) and Dr Robert Young (author of The pH Miracle).

No other model offers a Biostone filter as fine as .01M and no other model is as reliable or powerful.
That is, no other model until Jupiter released the best of the best for those who want clean water AND the ultimate healthy water.
So what makes these latest models, the Aquarius and Orion,
the most user friendly and advanced water ionizers on the market?





  • Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning (DARC) This new patented feature eliminates scale build up ensuring system’s long life


  • Automatic Water Pressure Control-This new feature auto-matically controls the water flow into your Aquarius ensuring optimum performance and further protection.


  • New updated look-new stainless steel look easily distinguishes this model from all other ionizers.


  • Biostone filter kills bacteria through nanosilver antibacterial system. Neutralizers chlorine, pesticides, adds coral calcium and Far infra Red energy.


  • Automated control


  • Artificial intelligence


  • Complete LCD message display


  • One-touch operation


  • Digital filter life indicator


  • Long Life Platinum boned Titanium Ionizing system


  • Inbuilt safety function to manage flow rate


  • Automatic temperature sensor for maximum system protection


  • Enhanced filter durability through flux control











What makes the New Aquarius THE BEST ionizer?




The Aquarius represents the absolute latest technology from industry leader Jupiter Science.  The Aquarius offers revolutionary new features, functionality and performance standards delivered in a new stainless steel look that elevates it from any other ionizer available today.







Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning (DARC)-This new patented system eliminates scale build up ensuring the maximum life of your system.  After each use your Aquarius automatically self cleans utilizing a unique reversible chamber which means it can always provide alkaline water-even if the machine is in the cleaning cycle.







Automatic Water Flow Control- This new feature automatically controls the water flow into your Aquarius ensuring optimum performance.







New water cell technology- employs a new mesh membrane increasing the effectiveness of the electrolysis process.







The Biostone’s Filter incorporates the latest filtration technology:







Activate Carbon- Available in 1 micron (standard0 and .01 micron.  The Biostone’s Japanese organic coconut shell carbon filters traps chlorine, contaminates, bacteria, viruses and cysts, yet allows the beneficial dissolved minerals through.







Coral Calcium- in usual form calcium in not easily absorbed due to its atomic size. Ionized Coral Calcium is far more easily absorbed.  The Biostone Filter infuses your water with the finest environmentally harvested calcium-proving you Coral Calcium on tap!







Far infra Red energy- FIR produces well documented health benefits and it also has amazing effects on water.  The Biostone contains the semi-precious gemstone tourmaline in ceramic form.  Tourmaline emits energy naturally so you get FIR on tap!







Installation- Easy installation no plumbing required.







You can’t say these things about any other ionizer!







What could Alkaline/ionized water do for you?




Improve your alkaline/acid balance-your body’s alkalinity at birth is a mild pH7.4.  If your pH falls to pH7 you experience system failure.  All body’s systems are co-opted to maintain the correct blood pH, yet our high stress and acidic lifestyles overload our body’s balancing systems.  The body uses buffers (alkaline minerals to balance acidic states.  When the body does not have enough alkaline minerals available to use as buffer it must “rob” them from other sources like bones, heart and teeth.  Ionized water helps at the most fundamental level to give your body back its own ability to maintain this ever important balance by providing a rich source of alkaline minerals that the body can use to balance its own pH without robbing them from the body.







Better Hydration-everyone hears how to improve health we need first to be properly hydrated.  Because ionized water is reduced in molecular cluster size (from 11-16 molecules to 5-8), it penetrates the cell easier giving you a more effective hydrating effect which helps to …




Detox your system – ionized water flushes acidic waster form the cells through this increased movement of water into and out of the cell.  This flushing action provides an effective yet gentle form of detoxification.




Powerful antioxidant effect- the Melody produces a super abundant supply of powerful antioxidants.  As the water is ionized in the Melody, it converts from simple h20 to OH- Every glass you drink for the Melody is laded with negative hydrogen ions-antioxidants on tap!




Oxygen saturate- As water is ionized and becomes OH-the percentage of oxygen to hydrogen increases significantly giving you a rich source of extra oxygen in a highly absorbable form-almost double amount of tap or bottled water!







What can you say about the water you are drinking?







The Next Generation of Water Technology




As major health trends evolve and water quality concerns are on the rise, water filtration products.  The Jupiter Science Melody water ionizer represents the cutting edge of water treatment technology.  Old water filter technologies perform one function only: they clean up the water.  Ionizers clean the water and then literally transform it to increase your health and wellness. Ionized water is healthier for you. As it helps stabilize your body’s acid/alkaline balance, it hydrates you ore effectively, providing a super abundant supply of powerful antioxidant and is loaded with oxygen.







Can you say that about your water filter?







What exactly is Ionization?




Alkaline water ionizers originated in Russia in the late 1960’s.  Reports emerged of life changing water that was easy to produce and had amazing taste and effects.  The Japanese with their macro-biotic history and knowledge of pH immediately recognized how this water could assist our health.  The Jupiter Science Aquarius employs computer accurate, selectable magnetic energy to perform electrolysis through patented platinum bonded titanium electrodes inside a water cell.  Inside this advanced cell, the magnetic energy separated the water into an alkaline and acid stream producing a powerful effect on the water.  Electrolysis re-structures the molecules and reduces their cluster size, binds extra oxygen molecules, and concentrates ionized, absorbable, beneficial alkaline minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.




Can you say that about your water filter?




In 1982 Jupiter Science moved from manufacturing medical equipment to alkaline water ionizers.  Today Jupiter Science is the largest manufacturer of alkaline water ionizers world-wide, producing over 50,000 units per month. Jupiter Science leads the industry in technological advancement and hold over 20 patents.

Compare costs   Jupiter         Home Delivery    Alkaline



                           Aquarius     5 Gal Bottles        Drops



Year One            1475            360                       540





Five Years          1970            1800                    2700





Ten Years           2410            3600                   5400



Savings                                   1190                   2990



- Costs estimated for a typical family of four









Input Voltage  AC110V OR 220V




Power Consumption 0.38A (80W)




Weight  7.5kg




Dimensions HXLW  13.5”x9.75”x5.5”




Inflow Temp 5-30




Alkaline settings 4 alkaline, 4acid 1 purified.




Output capacity  Max 3 litre/1 minute




Cleaning System   DARC Post op-fully Automatic




Electrode material   Platinum/Titanium/Membrane




Filter usage indicator   Digital LCD




Temperature  Auto shut off









































Price: 1055.00

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